Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Close Encounters

Almost Home
Suzanne McDermott

“The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.”


Everyone In Your Life Is There To Help You

Every weekday morning, I receive a short email from a guy who writes TUT (Notes from the Universe.) This morning, as I was preparing to write about how people continue to appear out of nowhere to help me through my current phase of experience, his email was about the rule that everyone in your life is there to help you.
The truth is that we are here to help each other. If everyone in your life is there to help you, it must follow that you are here to help everyone else. This doesn't mean that you have to carry everyone's water from the well. Sometimes a smile or kind word does wonders.

Be kind, be kind, be kind

It's easier than you think.

Randy Newman wrote a song called "I want you to feel like I do." The narrator wants to make everyone else hurt as much as he does. Feeling bad can become a habit. Targeting others to make them feel bad can become a treacherous game. If you're feeling crappy and that's making you mean, try to grab that moment of sanity before action and stop or slow down your impulse. Allow yourself to be open to the healing power of someone else's kindness.
Although I've forgotten his name, I have never forgotten the parting words of a 90's era Boston Public Radio talk show host. He had been through considerable and public turmoil and his final message to his listeners was to "Be kind, be kind, be kind."

Remember your oxygen mask

The Golden Rule generally goes 

"Do unto others as you would do unto yourself."

Last week, I went to the Shambhala Meditation Center in Asheville, NC. After meditation, a small group gathered for a reading on the topic of showing love to ourselves.
The gist of the text and ensuing discussion was all about how much easier it is to show more kindness to others than we do to ourselves. About how we tend to beat up on ourselves in ways we would never do to other people.
The reason that airlines instruct us to first put on our own oxygen masks before strapping them onto our children is so that we, ourselves, can be fully functioning before helping others in need.
Be kind to yourself. Show compassion towards yourself. It makes helping others somuch easier.

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