Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Spring

The last bit of Spring

It's warm but it's still spring for one more week.

While thoroughly enjoying every bit of my blossoming landscape and beautiful garden, I'm reminded of one of my most favorite songs, Våren by Edvard Grieg.

Våren is the second of Twelve Songs to Poems by Aasmund Olavson Vinje, Op. 33 (Orchestrated by Ragnar Søderlind). Performed by the baritone, Per Vollestad with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Terje Mikkelsen.

Click here to listen to Vollestad sing Våren.

Våren translates as Last Spring.The poet looks out on Spring for the last time, reveling in the emerald meadows, warbling lark, glittering sunbeams, butterflies and mysterious singing of the waving reeds. He opens the poem by saying that he'd rather see Winter's face again than watch Spring's glory waning.

Vinje was from the Telemark region and wrote his poems in the Landsmaal language, a written form based on Norwegian dialects. In the spring of 1880, Grieg found a small volume of poetry by Vinje and composed the twelve songs over a few days time.


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