Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Come out of your shell

Experience Metamorphosis

It's a big wide world out there.

You may as well lose the shell and take a walk around.

Okay, so we humans don't have shells. We shed skin cells and lose hair but nothing quite as dramatic as snakes, some insects, chickens and, ahem, some of our favorite dogs. So, how to crack our shells and exit into a new realm of experience?

As I was saying to my mechanic this morning, it's not easy being human. We cloak ourselves in fashion, surround ourselves with stuff and close ourselves inside walls, under roofs, behind personality. Then, we get very comfortable in our seemingly safe little spaces. As comfy as we may make ourselves, it's tough to grow while nestled in the familiar, whether that familiarity is space or behavior.

Other creatures go through moulting and metamorphosis naturally. We humans have to make conscious decisions to transform.

In order to be fully creative, we really do have to come out of our shells in some way or another, over and over again. Moulting and radical change isn't comfortable or safe or easy. It's scary!

Good changes can often create as much stress as painful changes.

As far as we know, life only comes around once. I say it's worth the stress to make good changes.

One of the best ways to initiate positive change is to open your creative flow. One of the best ways to open your creative flow is to start with a pencil, pen or brush in hand, practice getting past your resistant mind, and connect to your truly beautiful experience.

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