Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Snow Goose

Snow Goose 
Watercolor and Gouache 
9 x 13 inches

Although I certainly don't feel like it, I must be getting old because I'm starting to say things like, "I sound like a dinosaur."

I am about to sound like a dinosaur. It's true. As best I can remember, we had the first real record player in the neighborhood.

When I was just a few years old, my father brought home a huge, heavy turntable from some radio station and proceeded to build a monaural component system. In one wall, he installed a woofer and tweeter with a fabric screen over the circular speaker opening. In the adjoining wall, he built a cabinet to house the turntable and amplifier. He learned the hard way not to store the vinyl LPs over the tube amplifier. I still remember his horror at finding the warped and ruined albums.

Back to Sam Goody's. On his trips to New York, my father bought albums from Sam in his original record store and took Sam's recommendations. ("I understand you should listen to this," my father said, handing me a copy of Meet The Beatles.)

Amongst our original LP collection was a copy of Paul Gallico's The Snow Goose performed by Herbert Marshall and Joan Lorring over a musical score composed and directed by Victor Young.

Click on the LP cover to listen to this fabulous recording.

I've managed to hold on to a text copy of The Snow Goose over all these years. Last year, when I read the short book aloud for an annual treat, I could hear the voices of Herbert Marshall, Joan Lorring and the supporting cast speaking aloud along with me.

As soon as I was dextrous enough, my father taught me how to operate the turntable arm and properly place the diamond stylus onto the outer grooves of the LPs. I carved deep grooves into our copy of The Snow Goose recording as the story carved deep grooves into my psyche.

Listen to it yourself. Read The Snow Goose to your children. It's a good story.

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