Monday, December 12, 2011

Gould's Goldberg Variations

This is too good to be true. Watch Glenn Gould perform some of the Goldberg Variations live.

Has it really been four years since I posted on Glenn Gould?

I'll tell you how I discovered Glenn Gould.

I was around 14 years old and babysitting for the children of a doctor and his wife who lived down the street and across Shortridge Park in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

After I'd put the children to bed, I flipped through the family's record collection and put on an LP of Mozart Piano Sonatas. After just a little while of listening, I heard someone singing along. This sort of freaked me out. I lifted the stylus off the record and listened. Nothing.

Then I put the music on again. I heard the person humming along again. Summoning all of my courage, I looked in every room of the first floor then climbed the steps to the bedrooms. No one but the sleeping children. 

Finally, I put my ear to the speaker. Sure enough, the humming along to the music was coming right out of the speakers. I was relieved. Then I was intrigued.

Who was this person playing the piano? Glenn Gould.

Read my 2007 post called Fugue to see why this is such a treat for me to post for you today.

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