Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Birthday!

I'm glad to be alive.

It rained overnight. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees.

All morning was overcast and just a wee bit drizzly. Perfect for sleeping a little late and taking breakfast in my favorite coffee shop.

Just when I was ready to walk, the sun broke out, the air warmed up and I strode around Cheekwood (a glance from the walk above) and through the current mansion exhibit of landscape paintings: Drawn to Nature. This was my first long walk since (!) January.

On my way out of the mansion, I watched the last of a considerable Fabergé collection loaded onto a special FedEx truck bound for the Met.

More fun unfolded and the day was capped by a half a mile swim and a long steam bath.

What more could I want?

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