Friday, August 12, 2011

Keiko Fukuda Sensei

The Japanese word Sensei usually refers to a mentor, master or teacher of Judo or Karate.  On July 28, at the age of 98, Keiko Fukuda was awarded the rank of 10th dan, the highest level black belt in Judo. One of only 15 practitioners ever to achieve this level, Sensei Fukuda was frozen at the 5th level for 30 years because she was a woman. The above clip is from a documentary in progress about Fukuda's life, Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful.
Words to live by. "Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful. In Judo you need strength of body, mind and soul. I don't mean beauty in the external sense. A compassionate soul is inner beauty. I believe this is true beauty." —Keiko Fukuda See the Taoist Center page on Fukuda. Read about Fukuda on receipt of this award in today's Daily Mail.
In Japan, Sensei refers to anyone who teaches or masters anything. Read this short page on the meaning of Sensei. I plan to read through this before every class I teach over the next few weeks. I want it to sink in. ____________________________________________ Enjoy this post? Please subscribe right now! Subscribe by RSS Subscribe by Email! Add to iGoogle
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