Thursday, July 21, 2011


Radnor Lake
19 July 2011

I am fortunate to live ten minutes from Radnor Lake.

Aside from my studio, this state park is the best thing about living in Nashville.

I inherited a love for, no, make that a need to walk from my father. He walked almost everywhere and had a long, purposeful stride. Aunt Nancy used to say "Oh! He walked just like Cary Grant!"

I inherited his stride, too, (although no one's ever said I walked like Cary Grant) and it's a major pain to be hobbled for so long. I need to walk because I get some of my best indirect thinking done while walking. Problems are solved, new ideas arise, and I'm always in a better mood at the end of a long walk. Oh, and of course, there's the exercise and fresh air...

It will probably be another half a year or so before I'm walking freely again, but at least I'm out on the road again!

Click here to read Henry David Thoreau's 1862 essay "Walking".

Click here for a few other views of Radnor Lake over my years in Nashville.
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