Friday, July 30, 2010


A serendipitous entry for Video Friday this week. Tabu is the film that Murnau was shooting in Tahiti when he met Matisse. In fact you can see scenes behind the action in this trailer that are probably a stone's throw from the spot where Murnau photographed Matisse.

For a longer look at the film on line you can watch a re-scored version of scene 2. While it's understandable that the original music was not in keeping with the veracity of the actors, scenes and story, it's unfortunate that the commissioned re-scoring was so far off the mark as well.

Anyway, it's a great film to watch thanks to Floyd Crosby's Oscar winning cinematography and Murnau's story. Murnau did not live to see the film's premier. He was killed in a car accident the week before, less than a year after meeting and photographing Matisse in Takaroa.

Make sure to see the beautiful graphic work on original poster for the film at Wikipedia's entry.
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