Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another book...

...or Why I have been so remiss in posting to this blog. I'm writing a book! In fact, it's been a demanding year all around and I've wished I could devote more time to my essays here but you'll have to be happy (as I must) with intermittent posts of music, video and whatnot.

The photo at the top is where I sat down to draft sessions with my egg timer (which you may be able to spot on the window sill). Many writers procrastinate and I am among that crowd. But I find that an egg timer is a mighty tool as long as it's kept within reach.

This is also where I sat to compose the text to The Age of Flowers. An entirely different affair!

Now I am in the transcription phase which is messy, messy, messy! But the egg timer is still de rigeur. All I can say about the transcription phase is that, what I thought was clear as a bell and compete in the draft needs considerable finessing, reorganizing and rewriting. It's true what they say about writing — it's mostly rewriting.

Oh, and if you're wondering about my studio muse, you can read about her at Meet Tallulah and see more photos of her at Post Your Dog.

Just felt compelled to post a note about the dearth of text and rare posts these days. I'll come back to this - it's just a matter of time. Now, where's that egg timer?

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rdl said...

So that's what i'm missing - an egg timer. must get one!
enjoying exploring all your blogs.