Friday, October 2, 2009

Take Five

As I have been on a mad drawing tear to prepare promo drawings for the first Big Draw Nashville preview exhibit (which I installed last night), I've been listening to Ray Bradbury read stories on tape and, all yesterday, to the Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out. It really helped power me through to the very last second. The preview exhibit is up and I have taken five all morning.

Seeing as it's Friday, and once upon a time I had a regular Video Friday, I found this 1961 clip of the Quartet performing Take Five.

When I was just about 5 years old, Columbia Record Company placed a promotional slip of a vinyl sample with a taste of Take Five into an issue of Time Magazine. My father had already taught me how to place the diamond stylus into the groove of an LP. I played that little vinyl sample until it went the way of my ragged blue stuffed puppy dog. I didn't know their names, but Joe Morello and Paul Desmond gave me a thing for percussionists and alto sax players and Brubeck helped to ruin me for anything less than excellence.

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Pat said...

Love the post Suzanne, the Monkey house and everything.