Saturday, September 19, 2009

Experiencing the Garden

It's tough to photograph a garden. Gardens really must be sensually experienced. Fingernails caked with dirt, stray seeds in fabric, tender shoots arising, musty, sweet and pungent scents, color that can never quite be replicated, wafting breezes, dewy blades, soaked and softened earthy indentations, shade, sunlight, and times of day.

I spent so much obsessive time making the garden this year and now, in my busyness, I pass through it — back and forth, back and forth. And sometimes, just sitting, being thankful for my great fortune — To be alive!


Pat said...

I just stopped by to enjoy your blog site. It always makes me feel better about myself and the world. I am so glad you spent a wonderful day with a wonderful person on your birthday. Your description of your day and giving yourself the joy of doing what you like was food for my soul.
I am sending a big birthday hug

Pam said...

Hi, my name is Pam. I very much enjoy gardening and I am inspired by your blogs. It's wonderful to see such beautiful pictures. When life seems kinda blah, these are always soothing to me.