Friday, August 21, 2009

Aldous Huxley Interview revisited

It's been brought to my attention that the Aldous Huxley interview I posted here in February 2008 was yanked from youtube because of copyright issues. That interview followed a lengthy personal post on Huxley. I found this 3-part Mike Wallace interview with Huxley aired on 5/18/1958. Although some of it may seem dated in the process of listening, if you reflect on Huxley's overall comments after listening to the entire thing, you may find that your thoughts are somewhat different than your initial reactions.

As Wallace drives the interview to fit within his 30-minute time frame, I found myself wishing that Huxley were given the opportunity to expand on his replies. Then I longed for the day when interviews with brilliant and interesting people who were given time to form replies to answers with complete sentences were common.

As I was researching the date of this interview, I found the Harry Ransom Center site at the University of Texas at Austin. There, you can find almost all of the Mike Wallace interviews from 1957-58 with some truly remarkable people.

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