Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Age of Flowers

I've just released my new book, The Age of Flowers.

This book represents the last phase of The Age of Flowers series of watercolor paintings. Made in Charlottesville, Virginia, during 2004-2005, over the last three years, I've developed a limited edition of fine art prints of the paintings, posters on recycled paper, a variety of note cards and finally, this book.

The paperback book includes 24 beautiful plates of all twelve paintings and selected details, each illustrated with my own poetic text. There's a preface and an excerpt by Aldous Huxley from The Doors of Perception.

You may order paperback copies directly from the printer where you can preview some pages and also download copies of the book.

If you would like autographed copies, contact me directly no later than November 30. (Believe it or not, that's ten days from now!) Autographed copies cost slightly more (because of shipping) but come with a little extra surprise.

Gift packages combining the new book with a set of note cards, a poster or fine art print can be assembled through The Age of Flowers shop. If you want an autographed copy as part of a gift package, contact me directly. All holiday gift orders must be placed no later that December 1.

If you order the book directly from the printer, your holiday orders must be placed by December 12. You can download the book at any time.

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