Friday, October 24, 2008

L'Ordine del Presente e il Disordine de Futuro

Ian Hamilton Finlay
L'Ordine del Presente e il Disordine de Futuro. Saint-Just, 1988
(The Order of the Present is the Disorder of the Future, Saint-Just)

See another view of this sculpture in Spring.

I first discovered Ian Hamilton Finlay through a marvelous book on his work that I found atop a file cabinet in the president's office at MIT. Someone in a position to do so gave me the extra copy after watching me lust over it. I spent many happy hours looking through that book which went the way of all things in one move or another.  One day, I thought, I'd like to visit Little Sparta.

Coming upon the Finlay stones in the same location as Turrell's Blue Pesher absolutely stopped my mind.   

This sculpture, with the quote in Italian, is one of five versions, each in a different language.

Read more about Finlay in a Guardian article, The Avant Gardner.

Learn more about the Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What a fabulous place, Suzanne. I've enjoyed browsing these links!