Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Lonely Doll

Another favorite book from my childhood is The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright. I replaced my original copy in the late 80's because I'd crayoned all over the black and white photos as a child. My dear, late friend, Reid Stewart Austin (an influential art director) said that this book was the epitome of 1950's graphic presentation. It's also a neat little story about a doll and her bear friends. What I thought was going to be a week about children's books has turned out to be rather heavy on the Teddy Bear theme!

I've been told that there's an interesting biography of Dare Wright but that it might provide more information than I want; that I might want to keep my memories of the book to the book itself. These strong childhood impressions linger and arise as influences, often unconsciously, years later. In retrospect, I realized that The Lonely Doll influenced a photo essay I made years ago of an artist model doll that I once found in a Sarasota, Florida thrift store.

A little scary, now that I see these two photos in the same place.

You can view the entire photo essay through the Roswell page on my main website. Access the photos by clicking on The Visitor in the menu bar on the Roswell page or below the free download link at the bottom right of the page. (I'll bet this is the first time that The Lonely Doll and The Roswell Incident have been mentioned in the same paragraph!)

Almost immediately after I bought the doll, an artist friend hounded me until I finally sold it to him — something I later regretted. Still, I have the photos and may, one day, add some text to flesh them out.


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