Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail

Jenny Holzer
Untitled (In A Dream), 1997
Vermont white marble

Dr. John Wettenhall was director of the Cheekwood Museum of Art during it's renovation in the mid to late 90's. Because of the natural acreage surrounding the main museum building, Wettenhall realized the potential for a unique sculpture presentation in a woodland setting. With major funding from Monroe Carell, and trail blazing by Bob Brackman, then Director of the Botanical Gardens, and Jean Buchanan, Director of Owl's Hill Nature Center, this remarkable interaction of art and nature was created.

Doug Hollis High-Back Windharp Chairs, 1987 Steel and piano wire

The caliber of both the artists and the art is exceptional, as is the beauty of the woods in every season. If you've followed this blog over the past year, you may remember My Deer Friends who I met on a winter walk through the trail.

When I first explored the trail, I was stunned to find the likes of Jenny Holzer, James Turrell and, most of all, Ian Hamilton Finlay. I can't show you all of the pieces, but here are three. Tomorrow and Friday, I'll post on two more.

Sophie Ryder Crawling Lady Hare, 1997 Galvanized wire on steel armature

See other pieces along the trail by Eric Orr, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and James Turrell.

Learn more about the Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail.

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