Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sand and

I was inspired to post this because of Trijnie's sand photo that was inspired by John's Sand photo.

My photo is from Linnell Landing in Brewster, Massachusetts. And as I turned my head, I caught this gull.


John said...

I follwed you here from Holland - thanks for rgw mention of my beach pics. Great blog and as a semi retired birder (kids, lawn and work) I really like the nature shots - American Robin babies et al.

That is a ring billed gull - a n adult and native always to North America. The other gulls at yhe Beath - Herring and Greater Black Gull - back came ovet from Europe and thrived due to old time landfill pracices

Suzanne said...

Hi John! Thanks for coming over AND for identifying this gull. I've lived around laughing gulls as well. Can't remember if that was in Santa Monica or Florida, though. Except for my recent visit, I am farther away from the sea than I've ever lived in my life and can hardly stand it.

Trijnie said...

Hi Suzanne, beaches never bore. I could live there in a woodden house
x Trijnie