Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Endings

On the heels of yesterday's post and this morning's events, I am compelled to show my happy endings. Above, our elder statesman, Ginger Ale (Ginger Alexander), was adopted in 1997 from the Charleston, South Carolina, John Ancrum SPCA.

Alonso Fernando Piano walked into the house I rented in St. Petersburg, Florida on the day I arrived in 2001 and never left again. (I think he was waiting for us.)

Tallulah was born under the house next door here in Nashville, early April, 2006. You can read her story at Diary of a Studio.

Believe me when I tell you, all of the above have happy endings at the close of every single day.

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Anonymous said...

And they really are happy :)

Thank you for your comments on my site even I have been so poor commentator this summer, but yesterday was my first sunny, warm and most of all peaceful summer day after all visitors! I was hiking on the hill, swimming in the lake and reading the book and even the evening was warm.
And now it`s raining cats and dogs:)
Happy weekend to you and the cats!