Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hackberry Emperor

Hackberry Emperor
Asterocampa celtis

So here came along a little butterfly. I noticed that either its right wing was deformed or it had lost its upper right wing. As I bent over to take a closer look, it flew right up on my hand. I went into the studio with my rider, grabbed the camera and proceeded into great frustration because I could not get the lens to focus no matter what I tried. The butterfly stayed on my hand as I went back inside looking for my camera manual (I kid you not). I read the manual. The butterfly stayed.

(The only in focus shot on hand.)

Finally, I put the butterfly down and managed a few good shots. Here you can clearly see the difference in the wings.

I've been gearing up for some plump posts on artists and more heady things but for now, my backyard offerings will do for the sake of posting. I'm glad of it, if for no other reason, I've learned the name of one of my (many) backyard butterflies. No wonder, really, considering all the Hackberry trees lining the property!

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