Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Wind Moves Over Heaven

Another era, another garden. This photo was taken by Jamin Marlow Slone after completing the recording and production of Ephemera in the back yard of the apartment I rented in Charleston, South Carolina. A slightly out of focus shot that did not make the cut for Ephemera art work but the lush garden looks radiant.

I wrote this song while looking over this very same yard on an early summer night. David Rodriguez plays second guitar on this cut and, all these years later, I am still in love with his part. From Ephemera....

The Wind Moves Over Heaven

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Suzanne McDermott - Ephemera - The Wind Moves Over Heaven

The Wind Moves over Heaven

The sky was heavy with indigo clouds
But no rain, no rain fell
The flowers were parched but patient
After such a long, dry spell

Wish I could say the same for me
I paced and I shook my head
When’s that rain ever gonna fall?
Feels like it’s never gonna fall, I said

What’s it like to wait so long and to never expect a thing?
Let me stand just as I am
and say thank you for everything.

From the church of dawn to the crypt of night
I carry these bones like a cross
My mind craves satisfaction and
My heart beats at a loss

Isn’t there something I can buy
To fill this emptiness?
The wind moves over heaven
I settle down and I get some rest.

What’s it like to want so much and to never expect a thing?
Let me stand with nothing in my hand
and say thank you for everything.

Tamed by the power of the shadowy
My heart grows humble and I wait and see

What’s it like to give so much and to never expect a thing?
Like the rain again and again
Brings earth to life in spring

Let me love till I am made of it
and at home with everything.

©1998 Suzanne McDermott/Drexel Road Music (ASCAP) (STIM)
All Rights Reserved

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Sandy Maudlin said...

I really like the lyrics a lot. Great job!