Friday, May 9, 2008


Eindhoven roses amidst some of Ankie Keultjes' early recording equipment in the room where she recorded much of Ephemera and The Glory. God, I love working in that strong, northern light and wish I had it to work with regularly for my photography and painting. It's so clean and well defined.

Thanks to the expansive hospitality of Ankie and Ad, many, many touring musicians camped out in this room on their way through Holland, myself included.

Your song for the weekend is from The Glory, recorded by Ankie with my most favorite saxophone player in the world, Menno Romers, the none-too-shabby Theo Wijdeven on acoustic bass and Mr. Genius, Eric van der Lest on percussion. The core of Ad van Meurs Watchman band, these are the musicians who made it worth traveling to Holland to record.


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Suzanne McDermott - The Glory - Terminal


I rolled my suitcase the length of the airport
Every flight canceled after the weather report
What is the difference if we all are grounded?
We’re in between everywhere, clutching maps, confounded

Some have made plans for the very last minute
Made reservations know what they will wear in it
How will it feel to cross over the finish line?
Nobody's talking about it, no one's got time

The wheel spins, the dice roll, we've played along this far
How brief the spells of the crowned heads and judges are
Who made this game up? I know that I didn't
So why should I care if I lose it or I win it?

I watch the lightning explode from the cloud cover
Ripping the sky apart, shining light all over
I could be riding that, I could be glowing
Pure energy for a split second, all knowing

We could be riding that, we could be glowing
Pure energy for a split second, all knowing

©1998 Suzanne McDermott/Drexel Road Music (ASCAP) (STIM)
All Rights Reserved

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