Friday, May 2, 2008


Building on last Friday's post, Les Enfants du Filme, I'm posting the final sequence of Hirokazu Koreeda's Nobody Knows with Houseki (Jewel) sung by Tate Takako.

Houseki (Jewel)

When I ask the midnight sky
The stars just shine
Into the black lake of my molten heart
I can only flow

Will the angel even give me a backward glance?
Want to splash around in my heart?
The winds of the coming winter lap at the waves
Calling me into the dark.

With eyes as wilted as ice
I'm growing up
A jewel pungent with a stench
That brooks no one's approach

©2004 Tate Takako (All Rights Reserved)

(I'm guessing at the copyright notice for this song and wish that I could give credit for the English translation of the lyrics but can't read Japanese.)

The soundtrack for the rest of the film is by Gontiti.

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