Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A bit brutal to show the day after Earth Day, but continuing yesterday's post, I found a wonderful tree service, put my savings account to work and here is a highly edited document of the procedure.

Here you can see that this one piece being lowered by the crane is as tall as my entire studio. For some reason, this tree did not seem to be an issue at all when I built the studio.

It was painful to watch what looked like a healthy tree come down but by the time we reached the base, I could clearly see that the trunk was split at the bottom and eventually, the whole thing would have split and keeled right over.

So my remorse turned to relief. Anyway, the foliage was too high for the yard birds to take much advantage of or for the squirrels to use as part of their roadway and I happen to have eight more hackberries in the yard.

After the stump was ground,

along the area where the tree (and Mulberry stump) came down, I transplanted some Photinia, Elaeagnus and Sweet Broom. Once the Photinia has recovered from the shock and perked up a bit, I'll post a photo. I think it will look quite nice.

If you followed my Diary of a Studio story, you know that I have run the gamut of workers on the property but this was a great experience from A to Z. The certified arborist who came out twice to discuss the job gave me a very fair price, the work crew was courteous and professional and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves even clearing my neighbors roof of small twigs. If you're in Nashville and need tree work or landscaping, I highly recommend that you hire The Parke Company.

While taking my constitutional around the neighborhood yesterday, I stepped around the sawdust and twigs of yet another huge hackberry that had fallen across an alley down the entire length of a neighbor's yard. Cut to a foot from the base, the wood looked perfectly fine.

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