Saturday, April 19, 2008


At some point in the past 12 hours, 3 of our 4 Robin's eggs hatched. Of almost two dozen shots, the above is the only that was anywhere near in focus. I was trying to sneak in between mom's hunts for earthworms so maybe was in too much of a hurry to steady my reaching arm. Or maybe the chicks are all soft and blurry themselves.

I am adding the fuzzy photo below to show the size of the newborn's eyes. Just last night I was talking with someone about birds following paths of light around the globe for their migration routes. It makes sense that the eyes are so large at birth.

Lots of rain last night and more on the way today. Good for finding lots of juicy earthworms.

You know there's more to come!


Anonymous said...

I wish luck to new babies!
Aren`t they helpless at first, but so soon quite ready to fly away, you will see :)
Many rewarding hours to you with them!

Sioux said...

Good photos. We lost a lot of birds due to hail last week here in Texas.

We love Nashville. We met and married there and go back whenever we can!

Dawn said...

congratulations Suzanne! cant wait to see the progress of these little robins.