Thursday, March 6, 2008

What makes a really good company?

I have worked in many different jobs over the years and have been fortunate to work for some very fine people who have taught me valuable and memorable lessons. During a brief foray into retail, the owner of a bookstore reminded me on a daily basis that the customer paid my salary. That really is the bottom line.

When the CEO of a successful company returns the call of an unknown customer on a Monday morning preceding a board meeting regarding a question that will not result in a direct sale and spends a considerable length of time discussing a general matter with, and educating that customer on certain details of the industry, there is something very right with that company.

I was that customer last week and Bob Buchsbaum of Blick Art Materials. Blick Art Materialshas a new customer.

Really good companies are made up of people who remember the answer to "Which comes first, the customer or the profit?"

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