Monday, March 24, 2008

More Impermanence

Just as I was getting ready to sit down with my paints outside...

One of the things I've loved most about my yard is the variety of trees I've been able to watch through the seasons and the privacy they've given through most of the year.

One of the prettiest things in the spring are the Bradford Pears but the weather has been extreme and fierce and they are easily and brutally dismembered.

The night before I hung my show last week there were high winds, lightning, thunder and rain. Then more rain, all day, the day after. I came out in the morning to find the tree split in two.

I thought they might save half but when I came home later in the afternoon, all that was left was

And by the alley, this.

It wasn't the only thing to go on my block. A huge hackberry came down on a house at the corner but miraculously did not break the roof. Another hackberry was down two houses up from that.

Last year, we had an early blossoming with very warm weather just about this time. Then the temperatures plummeted to the teens and twenties for four of five days and all the fresh spring growth was killed and fell off. Then we had extraordinary drought and a heat wave like I have never been through. No one knew for sure what the long term damage might be but many trees and shrubs were killed and this year we'll see what the effect was on those that survived.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully this spring goes smoothly and nicely as it should proceed at a summer !
Have a good Easter Monday!

I can only dream blooming trees, we will get more snow still, says a weather forecast. but March has been always our best winter month because of long days and more bright sunny days to enjoy cross country skiing or slalom or just walking outside.
This is not an unusual weather here,
It`s just Finnish normal March, sunny, 23 F, sparkling snow everywhere, perfect :))