Monday, March 3, 2008

Kat Eggleston

By chance, on Friday I got back in touch with a friend from my singer songwriter touring days. I thought I'd introduce you. Kat Eggleston is a superior guitarist, my favorite hammer dulcimer player and a great songwriter in the traditional vein with a fine and distinctive voice. Her Second Nature album is perfect.  Once, while driving from one gig somewhere to another gig somewhere else in New England, I heard a folk dj play the entire album uninterrupted on the radio.

I took this photo of Kat at a midsummer gathering at Gary Martin's house in Assonet, Massachussetts some years back.

I love many of Kat's songs and you can listen to a few at her myspace page. Here's one with a typically beautiful guitar accompaniment from Second Nature.

Paper Boats

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