Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Marianne Moore
(1887 - 1972)

Today I'll share yet another poem I cut out of The New Yorker. This one I clipped in high school and pinned up on many a wall over the years. It's by Marianne Moore and it's called


Am I a fanatic? The opposite.
    And where would I like to be?
    Sitting under Plato's olive tree
  or propped against its thick old trunk,

      away from controversy
      or anyone choleric.

If you would see stones set right, unthreatened
    by mortar (masons say "mud"),
    squared and smooth, let them rise as they should,
  Ben Johnson said, or he implied.

      In "Discoveries" he then said,
      "Stand for truth. It's enough."


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Anonymous said...

don`t worry your commenting on my site, I understand very well!

Poems are a little bit difficult to me,but I am very eager to try :)

Have a happy spring time, Suzanne!