Friday, February 1, 2008

Richard Diebenkorn

I lived in Ocean Park, too, but there are more reasons why I love Richard Diebenkorn's paintings. I found this video and had to post it here for the weekend even though at least one of the paintings is backwards and there are only a few from the Ocean Park series. And Barbara Striesand? No matter, where else could you find such a long string of his paintings? (Aside from the great Gerald Nordland books.


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Don Gray said...

I LOVE Diebenkorn's work. In fact I'm going through withdrawel since our move, because my books on him are packed and stored in a box somewhere. The Ocean Park series--phenomenal. I love too the early "Berkeley" paintings...his works on paper...the figurative stuff...on and on.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in a Richard Diebenkorn painting. To describe it, it is a still of flowers. Behind the flowers is the corener of interior walls. If you know where this can be viewed, contact me at