Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Start

I survived the fierce tornadic storms last night although the tornado sirens were wailing on and off for many hours in the evening and again in the middle of the night. No damage in my neighborhood or through the route I take to Cheekwood, thank God!

This morning was the first session of my winter drawing class. We have a good group and I think it will be lots of fun.

The studio section of the Frist Learning Center, pictured above, was originally the stables for the Cheekwood estate. The drawing studio where I teach looks like this from the outside.


doudy said...

Thanx Suzanne for the link Age of Flowers, I took a peack at it from work... When Iget back home I'll take a deeper look at your flowers.

Anonymous said...

I am really happy for you, that you survived without damages !
It must be frightened to wait, is it coming or not.

We have here smoothly grey and calm, a little snowing :)

It`s always thrilling start with new people, I have kept so many courses as well, you always have to create a relationship with them, it`s challenging.
Have a good course and weekend too!