Monday, February 25, 2008

My Deer Friends

After drawing class last Wednesday, I stretched my legs with a walk through the Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail at Cheekwood and came across half a dozen deer including the fetching maid above,

the most robust looking buck of the group,

a blurry, worried fellow with only one antler,

and hey, what happened to this guy's antlers?

Were they fighting over the fetching maid? Well, probably, at some point.

I was relieved to discover that loss of antlers at just this time of year is part of the normal seasonal cycle for deer. So my robust friend must be getting ready to shed his any day now.

The deer were all quite comfortable with me at such close range except for one gal who made the most of her sparse camouflage.  You can't see her, can you?

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Sandy Maudlin said...

WIldlife keeps us grounded. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful animals. I wish there was some way I could leave my backyard gates open and in the morning see sights like these. But, alas, those days of wonder are over. I can or should be fortunate enough to see a rabbit.

Dawn said...

lovely herd of deer there Suzanne, take photos of the fawns when they are out and about. It will be fun to see them! I love that vid of Impermenence! and you can hear the birds and sheep in the background, very nice all of it!

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to take photos like this, just beautifully done!
They seem to be curious, not at all frightened.
My grandchildren are sending greetings to you and want to see deer like this :)