Monday, February 11, 2008

Landscape into Art: Hardcore

As you may have heard, we had some BIG STORMS in Tennessee last week. A few days before they blew in, we had a night of BIG WIND and in the morning, I found my old Mulberry tree stump like so. This was a favorite yard pal of mine because, not only did it provide camouflage for the not very sightly side of the next door house, it also had been supporting poison ivy vines for I don't know how many years. Every summer, instead of spreading across the yard, the poison ivy moved straight up this stump and in the fall, the stump sprouted a mighty head of flame red leaves — gorgeous. I painted it several times and am very glad I did, now that it's gone.

Anyway, the stump fell across my compost piles and crushed my wire fence falling into the neighbor's property. I figured that when I came across some extra bucks, I'd deal with it.

A few days ago, an older man who'd shown up the previous summer with buckets full of okra and tomatoes pulled into the drive looking for a used car. I don't have those here. He asked if I needed any trees "topped". I don't top trees but brought him around back and asked if he had a chain saw and could cut up my stump. He told me he had a brand new chain saw, I told him I'd haul what he cut to the alley and we shook on a very reasonable price. I then sent him over to the neighbor a few doors down to see if they knew of any used cars and, wonder of wonders, he bought one from them right on the spot.

On Saturday afternoon, he came back with his chain saw and we went to work. I'm actually afraid of chain saws so I kept my distance while he cut the stump and the vines.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed hauling the heavy pieces down to the alley with my trusty red wheelbarrow. After cutting through all that old mulberry trunk (along with ancient barbed wire the tree had grown around), it was time to clean and sharpen the blade.

My new friend, Louis Judkins, who watches the moon and the weather. This is a face of Tennessee.

Louis said, "Now, you're not going to go hang that picture in the Post Office, are you?"

Well, here it is, real landscape into let's call it art for the sake of the post.

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Mineke Reinders said...

Sorry about your mulberry stump, but it looks like you gained a new friend and a great story. I love that picture of Louis!