Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Creative Habit

Twyla Tharp by Richard Avedon

While reading Alyson B. Stanfield's marvelous Art Biz Blog, I took note of the recommended books in her sidebar and found myself a copy of Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life.

This is the best book I've read all year. Ok, I know that it's only the 5th but I urge you to get your hands on a copy of this book. Whatever your goals might be, this book will help you reach them.

I am a rather disciplined person (if I say so myself) but all the same, I sure know how to get sidetracked every single day and procrastination is rough on my nerves. Just reading this book is an inspiration to go the extra mile, move to the next level, straighten up and fly right by taking one very simple step. Forming habits. (More habits in my case). Good ones. (Better ones). And sticking to them.

The book is funny, a good read and the type is a really good size. That's the word for today.

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Mineke Reinders said...

Sounds like a book I should read... I'll add it to my pile :) Thanks!