Monday, January 7, 2008

Creative Energy

I've been listening to Richard Freeman's tapes on The Yoga Matrix while doing my yoga and painting over the past few days. Today, I transcribed a bit he said while talking about metaphors for the Sankya System.

"Creative energy is compared to a field, like a farmer's field which is a vast area of potential manifestation. So, like a farmer, we really love our field, but we're able to watch the whole cycle of the growth of the crops and plants, and at the same time understanding deeply the cycles of nature — that seeds lie dormant, that the field is this entire interdependent ecosystem, that a principal of farming is simply moving clods of earth around, arranging for nature to do the work. So, a lot of farming is hard work, but a lot of farming is sitting back on your rocking chair and letting nature take her course."

I was working on a painting while listening to that and I thought, "Yes. That is also very much like working with watercolor. Moving water and pigment around on the field of paper and knowing when to stop so that nature can take her course.

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