Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The White Fertilizing Ray

I digressed for a day from my little series on the creative impulse and process but I can't let it go without, once again, referring to Vassily Kandinsky. I went on about him in my Blue Rider (not) post back in mid-November where I included a link to his essay "On the Question of Form".

I am not sure that we can actually describe in words the experience of the creative process. Eckhart Tolle laughs with the audience in one of his talks about man's attempt to describe spiritual experience and the meaning of the universe with five vowels and some consonants. But he strings his talks along with what he calls "signposts" or "pointers" of his own and of other great spiritual teachers — stories and descriptions that point in a direction of a glimpse or understanding of experience. So I have attempted to point to my understanding of the creative experience as it manifests in brush stroke or line through the words or pictures of artists I have admired and who have influenced me.

Der Blaue Reiter, 1903
Private collection, Zurich, Switzerland

To wrap up for now the First Stroke, Cocteau's notion of line, and Frankenthaler's Really Good Picture, I'll pull out a few of Kandinsky's statements from On the Question (Problem) of Form which appears in both the Blaue Reiter Almanac and Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

At a certain time what is inevitable ripens, ... the creative spirit ... makes contact with the soul, later with other souls, and awakens a yearning, an inner urge. ...

Consciously or unconsciously man tries ... to find a material form for the spiritual form.

This is the search by the spiritual value for materialization.

This is the positive, the creative. This is goodness. The white, fertilizing ray.

This white ray leads to evolution, to elevation. Behind matter, within matter, the creative spirit is hidden.
—On the Question of Form by Kandinsky

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