Thursday, December 6, 2007


Uh-oh. It's one thing to see the squirrels plump up. Snapping pictures of the male Cardinal this morning, I thought he must be a juvenile and when considering why, decided it was because he was round-ish. Then I realized that he's probably just over-fed. By ME. His mate showed up and when I turned to capture her through the lens, I was horrified to see her not only in hefty shape, but with her mouth stuffed!

Obesity in the bird world. And who do you think stocks the vending machine? I've always known these birds as Cardinals but here in Tennessee they're called Redbirds.

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'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Suzanne,
For a change I visit one of all your blogs, you have so many blogs/websides, which one ( od all your bloga) do you prefere that I visit?
We met on the "cats and dogs" blog and you visited my blog, there you were asking me the name of my bernese mountain dog. Her name is IOS ( thats also the name of a Greek island )

Nice to see all your websides and I cn tell that you are an artistic person, so that we have in common than, intreting that you live in Nashville. I like knowing habits and live styles ( and art) of different cultures than mine...

As you might already noticed I am a photographer, living in HOLLAND, and I like to travel...

Bye , I hope to see you back on my blog or the shared blog, have a good weekend /week :)