Monday, December 24, 2007

Out Under the Sky

Some of you may remember that I wowed myself by photographing the full moon last month. Maybe I will make this this a once-a-month project for the next ten months to see how the moon changes over the course of a year from one stationary vantage point. I'm quite sure this is already figured out scientifically and accessible on line but just for fun and my personal discovery, I might give it a go as a casual thing.

A full moon on a Christmas Eve is certainly worth noting. The December full moon is known by these names: Cold Moon, Long Night Moon, and The Moon before the Yule. I think that this full moon has the highest trajectory across the sky (and longest?) because the sun has the lowest and shortest at this moment.

For your listening pleasure, I am posting here another song from my Christmas album.

I Wonder as I Wander

Come see my painting posts today at Landscape into Art and Studies and sketches.

Santa and his reindeer should be quite visible tonight. Keep an eye out!

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