Thursday, December 20, 2007

Garden Surprise

Walking out this dark gray morning I was surprised to find a flower blooming in a perennial bed on my way to the studio. If you've been following my posts you might remember that I cut back my garden the week before last. Before the rain fell today, I took a few shots of this solitary Scabiosa. After doing a bit of research to see if there was any interesting folklore associated with the flower — I found some.

I knew that a common name for Scabiosa is "Pincushion Flower" but not that it's also called "Lady's Pincushion" and "Mary's Pincushion" and is one of the flowers in a Mary Garden. Although I grew up Catholic in Philadelphia, I'd never heard of a Mary Garden but I did get a solid foundation in symbols and meaning which my art history studies only added to. The most extensive research paper I remember writing in college was a compare and contrast of the Simone Martini and the van Eyck Ghent Annunciations, both of which were filled with symbols of the Virgin Mary.

So, with all of that in mind and considering the time of year, I thought I'd post the Annunciation song from my Christmas album Out Under the Sky. I learned the Angel Gabriel from The Oxford Book of Carols. Enjoy.

The Angel Gabriel

While you're listening, you can look at my watercolors of the day over at Landscape into Art and Studies.

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