Tuesday, November 6, 2007

La Farge Flowers

As long as I'm on the theme of influences, I'll post two copies I made of La Farge watercolors. This first is a copy of his Wild Roses in an Antique Chinese Bowl, 1880. The rendering is a bit squashed compared to the original but exact rendering wasn't what I was after. I was more interested in his strokes and just studying the thing. Copying is a great way to get inside another artist's head, even if it doesn't turn out exactly "right". Not that I worry about that too much any more. I just googled the title to see if I could link to an image of the original for you to see, and there are a few, but most sites list this painting as an oil on canvas! Well, the heathen prevail. Anyway, the original is in the MFA, Boston. I gave this copy to my cousin, Kate, as a thank you for hosting me in the DC area throughout my touring years and beyond.

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