Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon

Whoa! This is so cool! Here I was, moping about because (deep sigh), I had not posted to this blog for what would be the second day in a row and was awfully tired and wanted nothing more than to just crawl into bed. I'd tried to take a photo of the rising moon earlier but only managed unremarkable blurry bright marks. Just as I was closing up shop, I thought that I'd give it one more try and managed to push the camera a little bit farther. And look what we have! I'm very pleased not only with the photo, not only because I've learned one more setting on the camera but also because if I knew my lunar topography at all, I could actually identify what part of the moon we are seeing in the photo. Feel free to share if you do.

I'm also pleased to have been reminded that I am a little form of life, hurtling through space in the midst of a huge and magnificent universe. No need to mope about blogging. Here's one of my most favorite sites: the Astronomy Picture of the Day (ooooh! The Medusa Nebula!). If you bookmark it, you can see a new and fabulous image of the universe daily.

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griesmail said...

Hi Suzanne, visited this and your other blogs.
You are amazing, I heard your singing, beautiful, you have fans in Holland (Briltil now).
Your pictures of nature are also beautiful. Also a great artist.