Monday, November 5, 2007


Here's what's posted over my long work table, between the two drafting tables in my studio. From upper left to right: Marine Hugonnier: Seascape, John La Farge: Seascape, Wolf Kahn: Three Trees Downhill, a notecard of my first house painting: 20 Park Avenue, Venice, California (1978), Giovanni Giacometti: Piz Duan, Josef Albers: Growing
Next row from right: part of some flower sketches from my Charlottesville, VA work, Richard Diebenkorn: Ocean Park No. 79, more Diebenkorn: Green, my last flower painting from Charlottesville, VA, Prince Eugen: The Cloud, Mark Rothko: Untitled 1969
Bottom Row: Robert Motherwell: Black in Hiding, directly (and ironically) below that is a photo of Helen Frankenthaler in her studio, then a xerox of my last European painting of the garden belonging to my darling friends Monique and Arnaud in Brussels, another (and favorite) Diebenkorn: Interior with Doorway, 1962, Stephen Hender: Austria, one Kenneth Clark quote and two Constable quotes, a charming little photo and quote on painting from a vendor at the Charlottesville Farmer's Market, above which is Jawlensky's Murnau. Under the Rothko is Andrew Wyeth: Catnap, below which is a photo of zen master, Kobun Chino Roshi.

As I've had these images posted for over a year, kept some on hand for over a quarter of a century and am not yet tired of any of them, I can safely say that these artists and pieces are influences for various reasons.

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