Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Bone

This trip's $11 find at the Tinsley Bible Drug Company is a very rare Heathcote China Williamsons Blue bone china coffee cup and saucer. My secret (no longer) hobby and passion is finding bone china and porcelain tableware for close to nothing and learning about the company, potter and pattern. I seem to be fond of patterns from the 1920's - 30's. Because of the potter's stamp, this piece might have been manufactured between 1900-1920.

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ParisBreakfasts said...

You could always try Bergdorfs?

Suzanne said...

Ah, but that's sitting on my very own kitchen table... for what I'm guessing is a better price than Berdorf's!

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher who just received a lovely little teacup from a little girl in my class. The teacup had a few candies in it and a piece of tinsel. It was wrapped in a bit of plastic. When I got home and opened it I realized the little cup and saucer were not new. I loved the little bluebird patterm. I turned the cup over and saw Heathcote china blue. You were the first web site I hit in my search for some history on it. I saw your coffe cup. My teacup is exactly the same but a teacup not a coffee cup. The family of this little girl have no money. I hope that this little cup was not a family piece that should stay in their family. I just love it.

sue moreno said...

I too have fallen in love with the blue birdies.I found a teacup in an old antiques shop (it was on the bargain table for $4.00)I use it every day for my cups of tea but i just cant stop at one piece ,i find myself trawling through salvos and vinnnies stores in search of more i have even been buying them on ebay.There is just something about this design that i find so beautiful i often wonder who used my cup before me for there cups of tea or if it was put away on a shelf?

Steve said...

I have a set for 12 of the Williamsons & Sons Blue Bird pattern. The set was a wedding gift around 1910, and there's a connection to the Herbert Hoover family. It was ordered from Kinnery & Levan of Cleveland, Ohio. It has the Kinney & Leven mark instead of Heathcote, as well as the registration number.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Wow, Steve! What a happy table you must have. Thanks for the additional info and for the tip on Hoover. Interesting!

Nessa Ransom said...

i found a set of three little bowls of the heathcote blue bird design china for 50 cents at the thrift store. Interestingly, each bowl was slightly different in the placement and size of the blue birds. I too enjoy finding and using such historic, beautiful china.

Suzanne McDermott said...

I'm envious! And yes, I've noticed that with the hand painted, each piece does vary slightly. I prefer that!